Welcome to Carl Rosa Corporate CROC.

Welcome to Carl Rosa Corporate CROC. We are Britain's oldest Opera Company. We bring the best in all we do. We are the Custodians of part of British Music History - with Gilbert & Sullivan.

We are now pleased to announce a new product - CROC. Made to measure, couture musical entertainments to suit your event. Tailor made to your specific requirements, to make your event as special as possible.

Our Mission

"To be the best, to bring the best, to develop and enhance the lives of all we come into contact with."

What we offer

Our unique style, first class expertise, which comes from being at the top of our field for over 15 years.

Work that includes

Sell out West End Season

UK & International tours to the USA, Australia & South Africa.

Experience working alongside producers Cameron Mackintosh, Raymond Gubbay, and Peter Mulloy.

Let us make your event not just "ready to wear" but "haute couture!"

Contact Us

Quotes on application

Contact: Lesley Cox


Tel: 0207 613 0777

Mob: 07989 947 810