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  The Yeomen of the Guard
The Stage
by George Hall
14th September 2009

“Carl Rosa brings the most serious of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas to the historic venue where the piece is set. Peter Mulloy’s self-designed production offers a highly effective piece of period drama. The dialogue scenes go well and the chorus, bolstered by members of the National Youth Theatre, knows exactly what it is doing.

Under conductor Wyn Davies, the score moves nicely, though there’s the odd minor orchestral blip. Paul Nicholas presents a movingly vulnerable Jack Point, rhythmically wayward but spot-on in characterisation. He is well partnered by Charlotte Page’s lucid and expressive Elsie Maynard. Donald Maxwell fields a grotesquely jovial Wilfred Shadbolt, Susan Gorton is the redoubtable Dame Carruthers and Victoria Byron’s Phoebe is alive with feeling. With strong support from the rest of the company, this is an impressive and entirely enjoyable realisation of one of the Victorian era’s finest artistic creations.”

The Daily Telegraph
No gimmicks – just pure G&S 
by Rupert Christiansen
15th September 2007

“No amplification, no updating, no gimmicks; a full orchestra and chorus; a performing text that restores usual cuts – this is manna to traditionalists, sick of jazzed-up Mikados and punk Gondoliers, and it puts ENO’s feeble efforts in this department to shame…What makes Carl Rosa doubly impressive is that it achieves a very respectable standard without any public subsidy and only minimal private sponsorship”

“A jolly good effort, much enjoyed by a large audience at the Theatre Royal, Bath. Isn’t it time the Arts Council gave Carl Rosa some support?”

Belfast Telegraph
Powerful Yeoman makes light opera's lot a happy one
by John Grayden
30th August 2000

“Michael McCaffrey’s version of Gilbert and Sullivan’s darkly beautiful Yeomen…is one every person interested in musical theatre should see. It’s fine traditional interpretation enacted by a company striving to give professional light opera the future it deserves.”