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  The Merry Widow
The Sunday Times
Johannesburg, South Africa
by Zingi Mkefa
19th February 2006

"On the whole, the Carl Rosa Opera Company delivers a performance that is slick, elegant, honest and, above all, entertaining."

Cape Argus
Cape Town, South Africa
by Beverley Brommert
31st January 2006

"An evening of pure enchantment pretty well sums up what audiences can expect from this polished production of Lehár’s masterpiece in which everything comes together to delight eye, ear and heart.

Not for nothing does the reputation of London-based Carl Rosa Company precede it to arouse great expectations in spectators. The calibre of the leads, quality of the chorus, pace of the production, and supreme good taste of the presentation leave little, if anything, to be desired.

...superb entertainment for those who love opera – and those who do not".

The Birmingham Post
by Richard Edmonds
30th September 2004

“...probably the most perfect version of The Merry Widow we shall see this decade and I guarantee it will make you weep with pleasure.

The sheer vivacity and musical quality of the production from these young and handsome singers celebrates triumphantly the 100th birthday of Lehár’s masterpiece. Here are actors who can sing and singers who can act, young people who move through the evening in a way I can only applaud. There is no blurring in Sams’s version which is directed with admirable sensitivity by Michael McCaffery."

Belfast News Letter
by Heather Moore
6th April 2004

“Lavish sets, fabulous music, exquisite costumes and dancing girls, The Merry Widow has it all.

The singing is superb, particularly from Karl Daymond as Count Danilo, Deborah Myers in the part of Valencienne and Jan Hartley."