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  HMS Pinafore
The Argus
by Barrie Jerram
9th April 2009

“The company has a reputation for quality and this production is stamped with it...fine singing, clear diction and sense of comedy.”

Daily Telegraph
by Rupert Christensen
9th April 2009

“Carl Rosa Opera continues its valiant efforts to present Gilbert and Sullivan in a style that honours tradition but keeps it fresh, too.”

The Bromley News
by Charlotte McDonald
26th March 2009

“Colourful costumes, fast-paced action and lots of cheery singing and dancing carried this playful 19th century comic opera. Wyn Pencarreg who played Captain Corcoran...fully embraced his character as the caring father who is eager to believe himself a good man. Gilbert and Sullivan’s material is a good reminder of the Victorians’ sense of humour, and the cast of the Carl Rosa Opera Company made the most of the gags, particularly the giggling cohort of female relatives which followed Sir Joseph.”

The Malvern Gazette
First rate G&S prodcution
by Jill Hopkinsn
25th July 2003

“The opening night in Malvern of Carl Rosa’s touring production of HMS Pinafore played to a packed audience and was as good as one is likely to see....Characterisation and singing by each of the actors was exemplary and the fine chorus of sailors and female relations was supportive, and added considerable humour. Clear enunciation ensured that Gilbert’s satiric libretto was enjoyed to its maximum, vital especially when Colin Baker, as the lordly Sir Joseph Porter sang his patter song When I was a lad and when he was joined by Anne Bourne as love-sick Josephine, and Steven Page as popular Captain Corcoran, in Never mind the why and wherefore.”

The Hereford Times
G&S at its comic best
by Jen Green
24th July 2003

“A stirring, polished performance... G&S at its comic best.”

“Well crafted from start to finish, exceptional co, exceptional costumes and setting, stirring stuff from an upbeat orchestra, and topical additions to the libretto – “even Governments fail to answer clearly” – this is a top of the class, jolly production of Pinafore, and like the audience, I can’t wait for the Pirates of Penzance to climb on board next week.”

Worcester Evening News
Lovers of G&S will be delighted 
by David Lewdas
23rd July 2003

“Lovers of Gilbert & Sullivan will be delighted with this production, directed by Timothy West, which received its world premiere last night at Malvern Theatres... It presents the operetta in all its glory... ”